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Motivated Seller Leads For Real Estate Investors

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There are many different ways to find out if your desired property is being sold by a motivated seller quickly. Below is a list of reasons why an owner might end up selling a property. You're most likely to find a motivated seller if they are not living in their property. Ask the agent, neighbors and anyone else who might know about them. These are all signs and indications of someone who may be motivated to sell.


If you hear that the seller is relocating for work, ask when he will be moving. He may already be worrying about those double payments and an increased mortgage payment on his new home!


Divorce or relationship problems create many motivated sellers. Often a house payment needed both parties, and will have to be sold quickly in order to avoid foreclosure as well as maintain two households at once- not easy during these tough economic times!

Financial Hardship

For some people with financial difficulties (such like bad business investments or too much debt), selling their homes can seem better than continuing paying high interest rates by borrowing more money from banks just so they'll get out of this situation sooner rather than later.

Tenant Landlord Problems

Knowing how to get rid of problem tenants is going to be a key to your financial success as a landlord. You must understand people and challenging situations especially in the midst of COVID.

Probate of Estate

One way that people who are in probate may sell their house quickly at a low price is if their other heirs to the property have absolutely no interest in the property itself.


As your age, many owners become motivated sellers due to the fact that they do not need a larger house anymore. With so many baby boomers retiring this is definately a great source of seller motivation.

The key is to use your eyes and ears, looking for any clues that may give you a hint of where the motivated sellers are. Talking to people helps out in this aspect as well. Once they're found, it's time negotiate with them - not forgetting about what they want from the deal too!